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Here, you can explore the extensive compilation of animal names that our editors have covered to date. We aim to expand our collection with numerous lists featuring both domestic and wild animals, aspiring to establish the most exhaustive and meticulously researched animal reference worldwide.

Alphabetical List of Animals


The cheetah, a large cat with tawny fur and distinctive black spots, reigns as the world’s fastest land animal, earning the title of “nature’s speedster”. This endangered African predator, known for its incredible speed, can reach velocities of 80 to 100 kilometers per hour while hunting prey. Over short distances, the cheetah’s sprints have been measured at a maximum of 114 kilometers per hour, solidifying its position as the fastest mammal on land. This incredible speed, however, comes at a cost, as cheetahs can only maintain it for short bursts, making their hunts a delicate balance of strategy and explosive power. As a carnivore, the cheetah’s diet consists of various small animals, making it a crucial part of the ecosystem. Its role as a predator helps regulate prey populations and maintain the delicate balance within the savanna. What is the cheetah like? The cheetah, a lightly built, spotted cat, is characterized by unique features that contribute to its remarkable speed…